Well folks, I think we made it through the pandemic disruptions and aftereffects on the pool industry. The only downside to that is the whole industry is trying to remember how this all worked before our hair caught on fire a few years ago. Manufacturers are bringing back some discounting. We’re seeing a rush to return some consumer financing offers, and with a few exceptions, production/stock is back to normal. We really only see one major issue we’re dealing with right now…

Logistics. Shipping lanes are somehow being reported as under utilized right now, but we’re seeing slower shipping at even higher prices. So as we have done the past few years, we’re trying to keep stock levels up of key products to avoid disruption from shipping channels. What does this mean to your pool? Well no one can forecast equipment issues, but we’d suggest that if your pump doesn’t sound the same, you cleaner doesn’t quite clean as well, or your plumbing is looking a little long in the tooth, you mention it too us sooner rather than later. That way we can get the ball rolling on anything that could get hung up by shipping, before it becomes a critical issue for your pool enjoyment.

On a lighter note, Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring. Hopefully, we get a warm, dry summer to follow to make up for the less than stellar pool weather we had last summer.

I also finally got an update to our website launched, and more products should be added through out the year. And I’m hoping to bring back online ordering (of at least essential chemicals) by peak pool season.

Thanks for taking a second and catching up on what we think the 2024 season will look like. Onward to pool season!!!


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