Pool Equipment Install

Need a new filter, pump, chlorinator, etc? We install equipment purchased from us, based on a time & material basis.

Pool Openings & Closings

Flexible, affordable opening & closing service offers to our Pool Chemical VIP customers.

Hot Tub Repair

We service Marquis, Clearwater, Hot Spring, Caldera, Hot Spot, and Solana hot tubs.

Brands We Carry


Aboveground pumps and filters, Inground Filters, Salt Chlorine Generators, and Parts


Inground Pumps, Skimmers, White Goods, Chlorinator, and Parts


Aboveground and Inground Gas Pool Heater, Aboveground and Inground Electric Heat Pumps


Cartridge filters, Module DE filters, DE grids

Watkins Wellness

Genuine Watkins parts for Hot Spring, Caldera, Hot Spot, and Solana hot tubs


Genuine Marquis and Balboa parts for Marquis hot tubs

Our pricing

Service Call


This is our standard fee for beginning any service work. For example, a one hour service call with one technician would be a minimum of $125 + $85.

  • Covers 30 minutes of travel

  • Applies to all service calls

Hourly Rate

$85/hr per Tech

Most service work is billed at $85/hr per tech (plus other applicable fees).

  • Hot tub repair

  • Equipment Installation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Pool Opening/Closing

Travel Charge


Our service call fee includes 30 minutes of travel in each direction, after 30 minutes our travel charge is billed in half hour increments.

  • More than 30 minutes from our store

  • Billed in half hour increments